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The Composable CDP Outshines Traditional CDPs

A Composable CDP offers unmatched flexibility, customization, and cost efficiency.

Tailor your data management with modular components, ensuring better data quality, improved collaboration, and future-proofing.

Consolidate all company data and sync 360° customer insights to 200+ business tools.


Empower your marketing teams to target top customers, personalize emails, launch campaigns, and sync data in real-time.

Amputated and inaccessible data is a reality for most marketers

Are you also struggling with fragmented data and data that you can't entirely trust?

Customer data is your competitive advantage, but without access to it where it's needed, you risk missing out on crucial insights and opportunities to drive growth and outperform competitors.

While others build silos,
we break them down

Superpowering marketing teams - loved by data teams.

By using Usernest on top of your existing warehouse as the one source of truth, every team gets the data they need at their fingertips.

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The modern tech stack
at your service
- as a service

We build a Composable CDP customized to your requirements, utilizing the exact building blocks you would have chosen if you had the team to build and run it. However, most companies lack the diverse skill set needed to build and manage such a Composable setup.


Instead of hiring your own data team, we offer a flexible subscription model that provides the expertise you need.

Some core benefits of a Composable CDP

A Composable CDP (Customer Data Platform) outshines a traditional CDP for several reasons. Here are some:



A Composable CDP offers greater flexibility in adapting to your business's specific needs and complex use cases. It allows for more customized solutions as it is not limited by fixed, predefined structures.

Never again "one size fits all" and no vendor lock-in.



A Composable CDP can easily integrate with other systems and tools in your company's existing infrastructure. This enables more seamless data sharing and collaboration across different departments and platforms.


Data scope

Traditional CDPs focus on limited data types like clickstream, while overlooking crucial sources like offline actions or user attributes. A Composable CDP includes all relevant datasets, providing a deeper understanding of customer behavior and needs.



Since a Composable CDP is more flexible and integrable, it can more easily adapt to the company's growth and changing needs over time. It can scale up or down as needed and can adapt to changes in business strategy or the technological landscape.


Cost efficiency

With a composable CDP, companies can avoid the "one-size-fits-all" approach and only pay for the components they need. This targeted investment can lead to significant cost savings, especially for businesses that do not require the full suite of features offered by traditional CDPs.


Best-of-Breed approach

Composable CDPs allow businesses to integrate the best tools available in the market for each specific function (e.g., data ingestion, storage, analytics, activation). This approach ensures that companies always have access to the most advanced and effective technologies.


Rapid implementation and upgrades

Because composable CDPs use modular components, they can be implemented more quickly than traditional CDPs. Additionally, individual modules can be updated or replaced without affecting the entire system, allowing for faster adoption of new technologies and improvements.



As technology and customer expectations continue to evolve, a composable CDP allows businesses to stay agile and responsive. Companies can easily incorporate new tools and technologies into their CDP as they become available, ensuring they remain competitive and up-to-date.

Based on Data, Valuable Insights and AI.
Powered by your Creativity.

Are you ready to gain unfair advantages?

Let's double your ROI.

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